Steven Miller

Profile Updated: May 2, 2020
Steven Miller
Where Do You Live Now: Portland, OR USA
Spouse/Partner: Never Married
Please List Your Children and Grandchildren: Finally found out she wasn't mine after waiting all these years. Her mother was Gina Anderson, Daughter More…Lena, born 1972. Her and I are Pals.
Grandson, Steven Miller born in 1991. Lenas son proved not to be true
Couple years ago I was told I had another daughter.
Found her but haven't made contact yet. The man she thinks is her Dad just had a major stroke and is now home recovering so I will not step into the middle of that, Wouldn't be gentlemanly. Her name is Amber and she was born in 83. Hope meet her soon. As you all know, time really fly's.
Yes! Attending Reunion
What Education and Employment Have You Had?

Folks, most of you know the story. Dropped out in 1959, went to FP the first month of 60 and never returned. I have studied all aspects of life and succeeded at all of the things I have set my mind to. Including being a Rascal. Except for relationships. Those have always stumped me. Logger, Saw mill worker, Longshoreman, Truck driver, Fashion Model, Manufactures Rep, etc etc. I haven't gotten a paycheck signed by anyone else but myself or my bookkeeper since 1968. I have been partners in 2 Wrecking yards, a Jeep dealership, and have owned 5 companies, all successful. I opened my Jeep parts store in Portland (Great Pumpkin Enterprises) in 1970 and closed it in 1990. Just wasn't fun anymore. My current company, C.A.R.S. International was started in 1990 and was well known thru the 90's as the biggest vehicle import export business in the northwest. We will be opening a location in Tacoma next year. So I will be returning Home after 48 years of wandering. I hope I am welcome.

Where Else Have You Lived Since Graduation?

Portland, Hermiston Oregon. San Francisco, Sacramento, CA.

Where Have You Traveled To?


Who was your favorite teacher and why?

Gilmore: I believe he assisted my mom in talking the school into passing me to the eighth so I wouldn't be behind Dennis. I caused a lot of grief in those days for a lot of people.

What Are Your Fondest Memories of Your Years at FP?

The girls. Especially the first girl I ever kissed and the only girl I ever went to a dance with. Diana Streby. My

What Makes You Happy?

Took me 50 plus years to figure that out. Good dogs and sunrises. Being healthy of mind and body.

What Other Comments Would You Like To Make?:

My brother Dennis, sister Jackie and our mother moved to Parkland shortly after our father passed.

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